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Basic Functions on a Camera: ISO

 In this specific video, I cover the first of three functions you need to study and practice on your camera. It is called ISO. ISO is a function that I believe should never be really touched while shooting but it is important to understand so you know when you should change the settings on your camera.

Basic Functions on a Camera: Shutter Speed

Who would have thought that taking intentional blurry photos would become a thing?! In this video I go over how to work the function on your camera called Shutter Speed. If you can learn how to adjust this setting you will be able to take both crisp and clear photos and also the edgy blurry photos that everyone is loving today!

Basic Functions on a Camera: F-Stop

F-STOP IS MY FAVORITE FUNCTION ON A CAMERA! I absolutely love what F-stop can do to your photo. In my opinion F-stop is what makes or breaks a photo. Yes the other functions are very important but this is where a photographer or a videographer can set themselves a part from the rest of the crowd. In this video, you will understand why F-stop is my most favorite function on a camera and how you too can create very crisp photos with a blurry background.

Welcome to Chloe Noelle Production's Training Course! I wanted to create this training series to inspire others to become digital storytellers. What I have learned over the years has made me grow so much in not only my business but who I am as a digital storyteller and I felt it only best to share what I have learned to others who would like to grow in their photography and videography skills. This series dives right into into subjects like the basic functions of a camera, how to run a senior shoot, or how to be a successful videographer. I hope these videos are helpful and that you can hopefully apply them to your own photography and videography work. Thank you for watching!

Senior Shoot Preparation: How to Pick a Location

There is actually quite a bit that goes into prepping for a senior shoot. One of the biggest things is finding the right location. In this video, I go over the steps you need to take to prepare for your senior shoot and how to find the right the location for you and your senior.

Senior Shoot Preparation: What To Tell Your Senior to Wear & Bring

When I was a senior I struggled on knowing what I should wear and what I should bring to the senior shoot. That is why I made this video to help not only photographers know how to help their seniors out, but to also help seniors know what outfits photograph best, and also what types of props and accessories they should bring along!

How to Run a Senior Shoot: Game-plan & Poses

Running a shoot can be stressful. That is why it is important to have a good gameplay going into your senior session so the shoot will run smoothly and be successful! In this video, you will understand why it is important to have a game plan, how to pose your senior, and the best ways to get the photos you want!

Wedding Videography: What To Do Before the Wedding

Even though it would be really nice to be able to show up to a wedding and just film it, there is a lot of prep work that needs to be taken care of before the wedding day. In this video, I go over all of the prep work that needs to be handled with the bride and groom before the big day. If you follow these steps you will be able to be a more successful and professional wedding videographer.

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